Conductor Systems

Conductor systems are know by a variety of names including but not limited to: Buss bars, conductors, conductor bars, powerail, trolley bar, trolley duct, hot rail, enclosed rail…

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Copperhead conductor systems

these are conductors mounted on insulators. The current collector assemblies are spring loaded and track along the surface of the conductor bar. These systems are typically used for applications with one or several of the following requirements: hi-speed, hi-amperage requirement, extreme heat conditions, or very dirty environments. Examples include transfer cars in coking operations, crane runways in steel mills, people movers. Individual conductors installed on insulators for high amperage / high voltage heavy duty applications. Systems: Steel-Copperhead, Aluminum-Copperhead, Fiberglass-Copperhead.

These systems feature multiple conductors, typically copper strips, in an insulated enclosure. The current collector tracks inside the enclosure with the connecting electric cable connected via an opening (slot) in the bottom of the enclosure. The bottom opening can be sealed with a neoprene sealing strip to keep debris and fumes out. The current collector is self guided in these systems and only needs to be towed with a towing arm. Multiple copper conductors in an enclosure (aluminum or PVC housing). Available in 4 to 11 conductors and amperage capacities from 30 to 300+.

these individual conductors are assembled in insulated touch safe housings. Any number of conductors can be used side by side or stacked to accommodate as many power lines as are required. We offer a number of different insulated conductors for a variety of mobile electrification applications. Many of these systems can be field modified to accommodate curves, switches, control zones, etc. Individual copper conductors in a PVC housing. Can be stacked for multiple poles. optional galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum-stainless steel conductors.

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